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Building & Design

We can offer clients full support in internal & external design, material usage and product choice throughout the whole construction phase. We can offer flexible direct contact to experienced licenced builders.

Development Applications

Preconstruction Planning

Our services support preconstruction planning in direct consultation with architects, engineers and associated trades through to submission and approval of relevant development applications for all your construction needs.

Project Management


Don't want to lift a finger, then we've got you covered. Our project management is designed to ease your mind and get the hard work completed for you, whilst having direct access to your builder at all times.



Whether its a builder you need or just development consent you seek. We have you covered. From renovations to full builds we can meet your need. 

The building process is an exciting adventure and at times overwhelming, with a large paper trail before you even get to see any action on site. This is where we step in, easing the complicated process, so that your dream can become reality.

We work with your architect, engineer, builders, plumbers and all other associated trades to ensure your development application approvals.

It is all too common in the construction industry to see people highly stressed, trying to juggle the many processes needed to take in order to commence building.


This can take a toll, so having the reassurance that someone can organise, track and deliver on your development applications and you build can take the pressure off and allow you to get back to the journey being an exciting one. 

Over 20 years experience

Access to licensed builders

Access to consultation

Applications completed for all LGA's



Covering all your NSW planning portal needs no matter what you require council approval for...


New dwelling applications  -  Alterations & additions to existing dwellings

Outbuildings  -  Sheds, Pergolas  -  Swimming Pools

Dual Occupancy/Multiple dwellings

Subdivision  -  Signage  -  Commercial

Tourist Accommodation  -  Industrial  -  Change of use

Home Occupations  -  Plumbing & Drainage  -  On site wastewater Management Systems

Driveway applications  -  Relevant industry searches


See our pricing below

all prices inclusive of GST

Stage 1 - $1,950

Stage 2 - $750

Development Application

The first stage is for a Notice of Determination commonly called a DA.

The DA stage requires the most amount of documentation preparation.

The DA will outline any conditions that council request for your build. If council want any additional information, it is in this stage, they will request it. Document's & works prepared for stage 1 are all standard versions and include:

  • Statement of Environmental Effects

  • Statement of Sediment & Erosion Control

  • Waste Management Plan

  • Cost of Works Application

  • Bushfire Report

  • S68 Plumbing & Drainage Application Submission

  • S138 Driveway Application Submission

  • Relevant searches - AHIMS, Biodiversity, Heritage Inventory, BIOnet, Property Report

  • Consultation & Administration

Construction Certificate & 
Principal Certifier Contract

The Construction Certificate, or commonly called CC, provides legal authorisation for your build to commence. A Principal Certifier application is a contract between the owner and council or a private certifier allowing the appointment of the a principal certifier (PC) to carry out certification work for your development. No works can commence without CC and PC applications.

Document's & works prepared for stage 2 are all standard versions and include:

  • Principal Certifying Authority Application

  • Consultation & Administration 

  • Compiling associated conditions of consent documents

Stage 3 - $250

Occupation Certificate 

Once your development has been completed the third stage is applied for which is your occupation certificate, commonly called a OC. This provides the final certificate required to ensure compliance and for future insurance of your development.

Document's & works prepared for stage 3 are all standard versions and include:

  • Submission of all compliance certificates 

  • Consultation & Administration

Additional Information

Often councils will require additional information. This can vary due to the subject development and/or property zoning and regulations. Doucment preparation for additional information alters depending upon what has been requested. Some examples for pricing are as follows:

  • General additional information requests charged at consultation rates of $80.00/hour

  • Detailed statement of environmental effects $850.00

  • Request to vary development control plan $750.00

  • Building Information Certificate Applications $350.00

Commercial/Multi Dwelling Applications

Due to complexity of these applications, they need individual quotation. Please contact us directly for further information.

Pricing for Builders, Trades & Construction Companies

We work for many building companies and trades. We are able to support you to remain on site whilst we organise your DA's for you. Our years of experience allows us to be flexible to the needs of your business and your time constraints. We specialise in custom pricing for multiple lodgments.

Please contact us below for engagement of our services for construction businesses.   

Adjusting a Model



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact our office or fill in the form below.


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