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Kitchen Renovation

Regardless of whether you are renovation the kitchen in a studio condo, in a 1950 home or in another home style; Refresh can plan and make the ideal answer for you. Our group of specialists will assist you with structuring the format and flexibly the best cupboards and hardware, including all these significant gadgets.


Indoor Renovation

Components of an advanced bathroom incorporate level board entryways, full-overlay cabinet development, consistency of highlight pieces and emphasis on even lines. On the off chance that this is the look you're after, with us today and we should examine alternatives and thoughts for redesigning your restroom.


Outdoor Renovation

We have house and land space creators who can examine all the choices with you. Maybe you're searching for new arranging structure and format that will utilize your nursery zone. Possibly you need to embrace the hot pattern and make an open-air room. This won't just give you all the more living/entertaining space, however it will likewise increase the value of your home.



We have a dynamic team. with a granular understanding of construction combined with aesthetics as well as functionality. Thanks to our attentiveness, our customers have always appreciated our work as well as our constructive attitude towards obstacles we may face throughout the project. Mobility and agility are among the qualifications defining our organisation. We swiftly get in touch with our potential customers and provide our services without delays so that they will not suffer from the fatigue of never-ending projects at their doorsteps.

Our construction service and product range vary from colourbond/timber fences to carport building, kitchen installation, fixing doors, decking and balcony options as well as maintenance of all those items.

Describe your target audience? What do you want to your site to convey?

Our target audience consists of homeowners, body corporates or builders with a need for fencing around their gardens or the perimeter of their houses, apartments, buildings etc. We offer a product portfolio for various budgets, hence we welcome all customers with different budgetary preferences.

Why do you want to have a new website? What are your priorities?

We would like to have a new website to showcase our work and have a storefront in the digital world as well. Our preferences are prioritized as About Us, Contact Form, Our Products, and References. A one-pager would be preferred as we do not have a huge pile of information to share and maintain.

What Problems do your clients have that your organisation solves? What makes you different?

One of the significant features that separate us in the market is our rich professional background, putting together diverse experience from interior design to external construction. Our strong suit is understanding the existing environment thoroughly and designs a solution around those circumstances instead of applying a standard practice without checking the surrounding conditions.

List any important words that you want people to associate with your organization’s image and brand

Quality; budget; fencing; end-to-end fencing; client satisfaction; low maintenance; high standard; solid;

What is your tagline?

Solid work with quality and style






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Get a quote: 0452-358-655

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